Career Counseling

Proper career strategy is essential. We help students know their strengths and weakness and then compare the same with their interests and skills, enabling them to make their career choices. Through tests & counselling courses, you understand yourself more & identify areas you need to improve. We conduct an organised career aptitude test to analyse true potential of students and ultimately lead them in choosing courses that directs them towards long success.

Admission Guidance

We provide students with proper counselling, career guidance and assist them in selecting better educational institutions in Bangalore according to their interest, aptitude & capabilities. We also recommend them to university admission committees, where they can nurture their career and growth. There are many options of colleges - be it Management, Engineering, Law , Medical, Dental or Computer Applications. The process of choosing the right one for our interests might sometimes be cumbersome. Hence, we at EGS use the elimination approach and help students to narrow down their options to make it easy for them to choose a suitable college. As a reputed admission consultant in Bangalore, we leave no stone unturned in guiding our students towards success.

University Selection

Our educational counsellors in Bangalore offer career counselling - both online and offline. This is based on aptitude, interest, and personality of students in a significant manner to get admission in a right college, that does justice to candidate’s talent and potential. There are lots of universities across the globe, so we finalise some of them by narrowing them down on the basis of considerable factors depending on the students. We also help them in securing management quota seats in top colleges in Bangalore.

application submission

Application Processing

Admission procedures for various colleges may vary in particular terms. Critical observation of application forms, documents to be attached, deadlines for the submission of forms and whole admission procedure should be very precise. As best career consultants in Bangalore, we will guide you through all the requirements and help process your application for registration. We also do follow ups with the universities to ensure positive and quick response regarding admission guidance in Bangalore. We have proven efficiency in assisting students in getting direct admission in Top MBA colleges in Bangalore.



In order to ensure students’ admission into best universities in Bangalore, our experienced educational counsellors in Bangalore forward confidential assessment of each candidate to the universities’ admission tutors as and when required. “EGS consultants" also guides each applicant in highlighting their strengths and detailing their eligibility for the admission in the institutions they desire.

bank loan assisting

Bank Loan Assistance

Higher Education is an expensive affair nowadays. Many parents look for education loans to meet the requirements. Each applicant can be seem availing loans from various nationalized banks, with whom the agency has built a network. We, at EGS Consultancy Services, help you with the entire procedure - from selection of the bank to procurement of application and preparation of documents and other such activities ensuring a hassle-free process.